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In keeping with our key principle of integrating diversity, the Noôdome community brings together business people, high net worth individuals, young people, leaders in the creative industries, ex-pats and other audiences, creating a space to build new links and implement ground-breaking interdisciplinary projects.
The noosphere is the new geological phenomenon on this planet. For the first time, human beings will become its greatest geological force. Through their own efforts and thoughts, they can and must adjust the scope of their lives and do so in a way that is fundamentally different to what went before. Wider and wider creative possibilities are opening up before them, and our grandchildren will perhaps live to see these flourish.
Vladimir Vernadsky
twentieth-century academic and naturalist
Noôdome’s experimental space with terrace
The first phase of Noôdome’s club space was launched in October 2020. It comprises around 1400 square metres beneath the seventh-floor dome of the Romanov Dvor business centre, with the Timiryazev Noôgarden terrace and a 360° view.

The towers of the Kremlin, Stalin-era skyscrapers, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and the Moscow-City business centre: this is the panorama that unfolds from the windows of Noôdome. This tranquil and inspiring atmosphere with work and lounge zones, a private meeting room and Noôbar is the ideal environment in which to work and hold meetings.
Noôdome opened as an experimental space in the autumn of 2020.
Noôbar, 7th floor
Curtain room, 7th floor
Noôdome’s multifunctional space, with comfortable, secureand high-tech facilities right at the heart of Moscow, is set over several floors at the Romanov Dvor business centre. Community members will also very soon enjoy access to a further two thousand square metres of club space.

The project was initiated by social investors and philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. Noôdome is a social enterprise. The profits from its commercial activities are used to finance and realize solutions to educational, social, cultural and environmental problems.
Why Noôdome?
A diverse community
Noôdome community participants come from completely different fields and have the opportunity to debate, discuss, and come together in a common search for answers to complex questions. As well as facilitating the exchange of experience and knowledge between communities in Russia, Noôdome also collaborates with international clubs and cultural institutions with similar values, thereby serving as a community of communities on a global scale.
Members of the Noôdome community enjoy access to our interdisciplinary programme, founded on the key principle of a 360-degree perspective on events.

Meetings and discussions with members of the community and leading Russian and international experts; thematic dinners and fireside chats; parties and concerts; theatrical and literary evenings; exciting gastronomic events with Russian and international guest chefs and bartenders … the programme includes more than 200 events a year and addresses the most topical issues of our day.
Your own space in the centre of Moscow
Noôdome’s space was conceived as a “fourth space” in the context of sociologist Ray Oldenburg’s theory of three places: he argues that home is a first place; work is the second; and public spaces form the third. We want a space for well-planned meetings, where the security of those taking part is paramount, to be a fourth place.
Our multifunctional space with secure, comfortable and high-tech facilities, located in direct proximity to the Kremlin and where you can work, rest, create, exchange experience and innovate will be just such a place for Noôdome’s participants and their family and friends.
An environment of opportunity
The club provides an opportunity to share proposals, meet like-minded people and find the resources to realize bold initiatives.
Atmosphere and design
We have combined the ideas of architects and designers from Russia, Britain and Spain to make Noôdome a warm, hospitable, accommodating, comfortable and secure space — a place where you’ll want to innovate and that you won’t want to leave.