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Noôdome is an integrator of progressive people, projects and ideas.
Noôdome community members sense the future, initiate change, build links and take responsibility for their actions today for a better tomorrow.
Noôdome is a platform for international and intergenerational dialogue between people from the worlds of business, culture, education, science and technology.
Noôdome offers several individual and corporate membership options. Each membership category offers a specific range of benefits.
From 26 May our experimental space will be open for members of the Noôdome community and their guests from 10am to 11pm daily (Moscow time). It will be available for meetings, events, and relaxation. Please note that guests must be accompanied by members of the Noôdome community. We look forward to seeing you at Noôdome!
В Noôdome организована лаборатория для реализации экспериментальных проектов на стыке различных областей знаний — Noôlab. Её задача — создавать среду возможностей для воплощения прорывных идей.
Noôdome's patrons are strategically important partners from a number of progressive companies, interested in positive social change, who fully share and are willing to support the mission of Noôdome and the projects and ideas of its residents, and who participate in agenda-setting and content creation.
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